Sing With Me Video Bundle

Sing With Me Video Bundle

This video bundle contains 7 videos and printable lesson plans to get elementary aged kids singing. These songs are from different seasons, cultures, and teach varying concepts and skills. For just $7, this bundle would be a great addition to any music class or homeschool curriculum.

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Sing With Me Video Bundle

7 Videos

  • MotherMother

    "Mother, Mother" is a song for preschool through lower elementary students. We will sing, do movements, and add rhythm sticks.

    Materials needed- device to watch lesson on

  • CheCheKole

    "Che Che Kole" is an African echo song. Students will learn how the melody moves and follow it with their hands, discuss why it’s important to learn music from other countries, clap the rhythm, echo sing, and make up motions and body percussion.

    Materials Needed-device to watch video on


  • CircleRoundTheZero

    "Circle Round the Zero" is a folk song and dance that kids will love learning! Student's will learn how the melody moves, count the rhythms, and learn the song with the activity.

    Difficulty Level-All Grades

    Materials Needed-a device to play the video on

  • SongOfPeace

    This is such a pretty song. It is written with just a melody part, but I wrote a harmony part to go with the melody. So, in this song, student's will be learning 2 part harmony.

    Materials needed-a device to watch the lesson on

    Difficulty level-For upper elementary

  • WinterIsComing

    A 2 part singing song all about Winter! BRR!!! We sing all about hats, mittens, sleds, and snow. You will be practicing your singing voice without even realizing it while you sing this fun song.

    Materials needed-an electronic device or computer

    Difficulty level-all ages will be able to s...

  • TheStarSpangledBanner

    Has your child always wanted to learn "The Star Spangled Banner", why we sing it, and how to show patriotism while singing it? Well, in this lesson we will be covering all of that. It is important to learn many different types of songs, especially Patriotic songs. We will also be doing a vocal...

  • Hot Cross Buns

    In this lesson, we will be learning "Hot Cross Buns" and "Snail Snail". We will be practicing our singing voice using solfege, will use correct posture, will count the rhythms in the songs, and will add xylophone accompaniment underneath.

    Materials needed-xylophone or keyboard (if you have ...

  • HotCrossBunsSnailSnailLessonPlan.pdf

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  • TheStarSpangledBannerLessonPlan.pdf

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  • WinterisComingLessonPlan.pdf

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  • SongofPeaceLessonPlan.pdf

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  • CircleRoundtheZeroLessonPlan.pdf

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  • CheCheKoleLessonPlan.pdf

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  • Mother, MOther.pdf

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