Titles Available for Purchase

  • Piano Course Level 1
    12 videos  |  Buy $37

    Piano Course Level 1

    12 videos  |  Buy $37

    This course is for students with little to no piano knowledge and is designed to take a student (young or old) all the way to playing a song successfully from memory.

    You can purchase the course separately, or watch the piano lessons in the music education subscription at watch.thedomesticmusi...

  • Piano Course Level 2

    This course is for students who have completed Piano Course Level 1 (at watchthedomesticmusician.vhx.tv/products/piano-course-level-1) or have a basic knowledge of piano, whether young or old.

    This course will be only $47 to buy, $7 to rent for 3 days, or you will be able to watch the videos ...

  • Preschool "Sing, Move, and Play" Video Bundle

    6 videos  |  Buy $6

    In this video bundle, there are 6 music lessons for preschool students to sing, dance, or play rhythms. Each lesson includes a printable lesson plan, is easy to follow along, and introduces children to basic music concepts. For just $6, these lessons would make a great addition to your music cl...

  • Sing With Me Video Bundle

    7 videos  |  Buy $7

    This video bundle contains 7 videos and printable lesson plans to get elementary aged kids singing. These songs are from different seasons, cultures, and teach varying concepts and skills. For just $7, this bundle would be a great addition to any music class or homeschool curriculum.