Teacher Resources and Training

Teacher Resources and Training

Resources for teachers and including video teacher training, a curriculum map, lesson plan template, and other printables. These files are saved as PDF but can be converted to Word on your computer.

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Teacher Resources and Training
  • How to Teach Holiday Music Throughout the School Year

    In this video, you'll learn tips for including holiday music throughout the school year, how to find activities and songs, and why it's ok to just have fun with your students sometimes.

  • What holidays to include throughout the school year and how to find a balance be

    What holidays to include throughout the school year and how to find a balance between teaching sacred and secular music

  • Creativity in the Music Classroom with Steve Giddings

    "Creativity in the Music Classroom" teacher training with Steve Giddings. In this training, you'll learn ways you can bring creativity into your music classroom, even if it's new to you.

  • How to Include Students Who Can't Participate with Holiday Music

    In this Facebook live replay, we'll be discussing ways you can include students who can't participate with holiday music.

  • How to Best Utilize Your Membership in the Academy

    This behind the scenes look was originally given on my Facebook page. Since you are members, you'll find this training useful and valuable as well since it will help you navigate your way in the academy.

  • Procedures, classroom management, and setting student expectations

    The monthly training in August: procedures, classroom management, and setting student expectations. If you have any questions, ask in The Domestic Musician's Insiders Club Facebook group or email me at jessica@thedomesticmusician.com.

  • Teaching songwriting in elementary music- plus singing, movement, instruments

    This was originally going to be an interview with Steve Giddings of stevesmusicroom.com about how he teaches songwriting and composing in his music classroom. Due to technology issues, this training is me teaching and going over the interview answers Steve gave.

    Check out his website for FR...

  • How to Successfully Begin Teaching Elementary Music webinar

    This training will help you with getting started teaching elementary music. To get an even more extensive training, take the Elementary Music Teacher Blueprint course that is included in the academy.

  • Teacher-Training-Music-Integration-Ideas

    This video will give you ideas for what to say to classroom teachers when they ask you, "how do I integrate music into my classroom?" It will help you with integration ideas for language arts, math, science, and social studies. Look at the music integration PDF for even more ideas.

  • How to plan for next school year

    Replay from the "How to Plan for Next School Year" live training. We'll discuss everything you need to do now to have a successful school year next year.

  • How to prepare for next school year.pdf

    32.6 KB

    This resource will give you ideas for how to prepare for next school year. In the May category, watch the teacher training video for even more ideas.

  • How to Use Keyboards in the Elementary Music Classroom.pdf

    44 KB

    If you're looking to include keyboards in your elementary music classroom, these quick ideas will help you get started.

  • 20 things to know before teaching music at an elementary school.pdf

    62.8 KB

    If you are a new music teacher or are new to teaching elementary music, this printable resource will give you all the tips you need to get started.

  • Curriculum Map and songs to teach.pdf

    84.2 KB

    This is the curriculum map I developed while teaching at my school with no resources. I hope you find it helpful as you are planning your music lessons.

  • ComposerOfTheMonthPrintable.pdf

    62.2 KB

    This composer of the month printable is arranged by the composers birthday month with songs by each composer for kids to listen to or learn.

  • 40 Childrens Songs.pdf

    5.09 MB

    These songs from around the world are perfect to use in your homeschool or classroom.

  • Favorite Teaching Resources .pdf

    52.2 KB

    Favorite teaching resources to use for lower and upper elementary, music programs, and substitute teacher.

  • Classroom Managament Ideas.pdf

    28 KB

    These classroom management ideas are about instruments, centers, dance, seating arrangements, and other ideas.

  • How to structure a class period.pdf

    25.3 KB

    Within a 45 minute class period, here is how I like to structure the class time.

  • Lesson Plan Template.pdf

    115 KB

    This is the lesson plan I created and helped make planning lesson easy.

  • 20FunMusicFillerActivities.pdf

    40.8 KB

    When you have that extra 5-10 minutes at the end of class, these filler activities will help.