Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle

The basic music teacher bundle includes:

5 teacher resource PDF's
10 music education video lessons including Pre-K, lower, and upper elementary
10 printable lesson plans to accompany the video lessons
Ongoing e-mail support to answer any questions you have
Access to the private forums
Entry into the Facebook group

You will receive access to content that has already been added to the music teacher membership. New content is being added to the membership every month for the monthly subscribers.

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Basic Bundle

10 Videos

  • Five-Little-Seeds

    Five Little Seeds is a speech piece activity for lower elementary students. In this activity, students will explore steady beat, rhythm, and movement.

    Materials needed- device to watch the lessons on

    Grade levels- K-2nd

  • CupPassingGame

    In the "Cup Passing Game", children will sit in a circle and pass a cup by saying the same rhythm together.

    Materials Needed-plastic cups and device or computer to watch lesson on

    Difficulty Level-3rd-5th grades, but modifications are taught for 1st-2nd grades

  • TheButcherShop

    This is a speech piece that teaches all about steady beat, rhythm, and how to switch back and forth between the two. Students will use a variety of body percussion and then switch to the drum.

    Materials needed-a device to watch the lesson on, drum or bucket

    Difficulty level-3rd-5th grade...

  • SongOfPeace

    This is such a pretty song. It is written with just a melody part, but I wrote a harmony part to go with the melody. So, in this song, student's will be learning 2 part harmony.

    Materials needed-a device to watch the lesson on

    Difficulty level-For upper elementary

  • BodyPercussionWarmup

    This Body Percussion warm up uses clapping, patting, stomping, and snapping. Kids will have so much fun learning the rhythms and will put it to the form of ABACA.

    Materials needed: device to watch video on

    Difficulty level: Any age-younger kids may need to only learn A section.

  • PreschoolMovementScarves

    Preschool and lower elementary aged kids will learn how to move their bodies by using scarves. We will move high, low, big, small, and learn about being creative in movement.

    Materials needed-scarves or ribbons and a device to watch the lesson on

    Difficulty level-preschool or lower eleme...

  • PeterPeterIfYou'reAble

    Peter Peter If You're Able is a drumming song that also includes 3 other rhythm instrument parts. Students will learn the drum part, count rhythms, learn the 3 other instrument parts, and then practice playing the different parts one at a time. They will learn ABA form and play the rhythms taugh...

  • WinterIsComing

    A 2 part singing song all about Winter! BRR!!! We sing all about hats, mittens, sleds, and snow. You will be practicing your singing voice without even realizing it while you sing this fun song.

    Materials needed-an electronic device or computer

    Difficulty level-all ages will be able to s...

  • The Homework Battle

    The Homework battle is a rhythm battle between a teacher and students. In this lesson, we will be using body percussion to stomp and clap the words of this speech piece. We will discuss form, dynamics, rhythm, and layer two rhythms together. At the 6:43 part of the video, you will be able to s...

  • Five Little Pumpkins

    In this video, students will learn the poem "5 Little Pumpkins." We will clap the rhythm of the poem, then will add 3 other rhythm parts underneath the main rhythm.

    Materials needed-drum (tupperware, bucket), rhythm sticks (wooden/plastic spoons), triangle (metal spoons) and an electronic d...

  • WinterisComingLessonPlan.pdf

    39.6 KB

  • PeterPeterIfYoureAbleLessonPlan.pdf

    40.5 KB

  • PreschoolMovementwithScarves.pdf

    39.7 KB

  • TheHomeworkBattleLessonPlan.pdf

    22.2 KB

  • BodyPercussionWarmUpLessonPlan.pdf

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  • SongofPeaceLessonPlan.pdf

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  • TheButcherShopLessonPlan.pdf

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  • CupPassingGameLessonPlan.pdf

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  • FiveLIttleMonkeysLessonPlan.pdf

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  • How to structure a class period.pdf

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  • Favorite Teaching Resources .pdf

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  • Curriculum Map and songs to teach.pdf

    84.2 KB

  • 20 things to know before teaching music at an elementary school.pdf

    62.8 KB

  • How to Integrate Music Into the Core Subjects.pdf

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  • Five LIttle Seeds Lesson Plan.pdf

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