Preschool "Sing, Move, and Play" Video Bundle

Preschool "Sing, Move, and Play" Video Bundle

In this video bundle, there are 6 music lessons for preschool students to sing, dance, or play rhythms. Each lesson includes a printable lesson plan, is easy to follow along, and introduces children to basic music concepts. For just $6, these lessons would make a great addition to your music classroom or homeschool curriculum.

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Preschool "Sing, Move, and Play" Video Bundle

6 Videos

  • MotherMother

    "Mother, Mother" is a song for preschool through lower elementary students. We will sing, do movements, and add rhythm sticks.

    Materials needed- device to watch lesson on

  • FiveLittleMonkeys

    "Five Little Monkeys" is a song for preschoolers and lower elementary student's. We will sing, do movement, and make fun music together.

    Materials needed-device to watch lesson on.

  • SongsAboutRain

    In this lesson, preschool student's will learn the songs "I Don't Care if the Rain Comes Down" and "Singing in the Rain". They will practice their singing voices as well as adding movements and a shaker part to the songs.

    Materials Needed-shaker and device or computer to watch lesson on


  • Bingo

    Children will learn the song "B-I-N-G-O" and will work on listening skills and adding the shaker part to silences.

    Materials Needed: device to watch lesson on, and a shaker

    Difficulty level: Preschool-KIndergartn

  • ImALittleTeaPot

    "I'm a Little Teapot" is a preschool and early elementary singing lesson. We will learn the words to the song, add motions, work on our loud and quiet singing voices, and add rhythm sticks to play a steady beat.

    Materials Needed: Rhythm sticks, device to watch lesson on

    Difficulty level:...

  • PreschoolMovementScarves

    Preschool and lower elementary aged kids will learn how to move their bodies by using scarves. We will move high, low, big, small, and learn about being creative in movement.

    Materials needed-scarves or ribbons and a device to watch the lesson on

    Difficulty level-preschool or lower eleme...

  • PreschoolMovementwithScarves.pdf

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  • ImaLittleTeapotLessonPlan.pdf

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  • B-I-N-G-O Plan.pdf

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  • SongsAboutRainLessonPlan.pdf

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  • FiveLIttleMonkeysLessonPlan.pdf

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  • Mother, MOther.pdf

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