Piano Course Level 2

Piano Course Level 2

This course is for students who have completed Piano Course Level 1 (at watchthedomesticmusician.vhx.tv/products/piano-course-level-1) or have a basic knowledge of piano, whether young or old.

Students will review note reading,will learn about improvising, sight reading, playing chords as well as 8 note scales and arpeggios. Students will learn harder repertoire in this level that contains sharps and flats as well as accidentals.

This course will be only $47 to buy or you will be able to watch the videos in the music education subscription.

Student's will learn piano chord progressions, songs with two hands at the same time with moving chords in the left hand, review of posture and hand positions, tempo and dynamics, arpeggios, octave scales, sharps and flats with more difficult key signatures, accidentals, piano technique, music theory, more complex piano pieces, improvisation, sight reading and ear training, stronger note recognition on the staff, introduction to chord charts, and more.

The course will include a PDF workbook that will include sheet music, theory homework, and practice tips. There are 13 video lessons and each one is around 20 minutes long. By purchasing this course you get unlimited streaming access to each video from the watch.thedomesticmusician.com site or by using the VHX app on any device. If you rent the course, you get access to all the videos and materials for 3 days.

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Piano Course Level 2

13 Videos