Intermediate Piano Course (level 2)

Intermediate Piano Course (level 2)

Hi, I'm Jessica. I started learning to play piano at the age of 6 after hearing my homeroom teacher play "Jolly Old St. Nicholas". I went home that day and learned to play that song by ear.

After beginning piano lessons, I won numerous contests throughout the years, accompanied several soloists and ensembles throughout high school and college, taught private piano lessons for over 15 years, and was 3 credits short of having a piano performance degree. After earning my degree in music education, I went on to continue teaching piano, playing piano at church and for choirs, weddings, and soloists, as well as teaching music in school.

I decided to transfer the years of knowledge on the piano into two online piano courses. This level 2 course is for students who have completed Piano Course Level 1 (at or have a basic knowledge of piano, whether young or old.

Student's will learn piano chord progressions, songs with two hands at the same time with moving chords in the left hand, review of posture and hand positions, tempo and dynamics, arpeggios, octave scales, sharps and flats with more difficult key signatures, accidentals, piano technique, music theory, more complex piano pieces, improvisation, sight reading and ear training, stronger note recognition on the staff, introduction to chord charts, and more.

The course includes a PDF workbook that will include sheet music, theory homework, and practice tips. There are 13 video lessons and each one is around 20 minutes long.

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Intermediate Piano Course (level 2)

13 Videos