Watch Ten Little Bluebirds

Watch Ten Little Bluebirds

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Ten Little Bluebirds

The Elementary Music Teacher Academy – 7m 26s

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  • Songs About Rain

    In this lesson, students will learn the songs "I Don't Care if the Rain Comes Down" and "Singing in the Rain". They will practice their singing voices as well as adding movements and a shaker part to the songs.

    Materials Needed-shaker and device or computer to watch lesson on

    Grade level-...

  • Five Little Monkeys

    "Five Little Monkeys" teaches singing and movement.

    Materials needed-device to watch lesson on.

    Grade level: lower elementary

  • Hot Cross Buns and Snail Snail

    "Hot Cross Buns" and "Snail Snail" teach solfege, rhythm counting, and xylophone.

    Materials needed-xylophone or keyboard (if you have one) and electronic device or computer.

    Grade level: Lower elementary sing and movement, upper elementary do the full lesson