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Watch Teacher-Training-Music-Integration-Ideas

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The Elementary Music Teacher Academy – 10m

Up Next in The Elementary Music Teacher Academy

  • This-Is-Halloween

    "This is Halloween" is a poem to use during Halloween time. After learning the poem, students will add vocal or instrument ostinatos.

    Materials needed- melodic or rhythm instruments

    Grade level- lower elementary

  • The-Thing-That-Isnt-There

    This song teaches students to use their head voice and how to sing verses. After students sing the song, they can add ostinatos on instruments and with voices.

    Materials needed- rhythm or melodic instruments

    Grade level- lower and upper elementary

  • A-Turkey-Named-Burt

    "A Turkey Named Burt" is the perfect song to use during Thanksgiving time. Students will learn the song, then add movement and vocal ostinatos.

    Materials needed:
    rhythm or melodic instruments

    Grade level: lower elementary