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Monkey Monkey Moo

The Elementary Music Teacher Academy – 9m 9s

Up Next in The Elementary Music Teacher Academy

  • The Homework Battle

    In "The Homework Battle", we will be using body percussion to stomp and clap the words. We will discuss form, dynamics, rhythm, and layer two rhythms together.

    Materials needed- an electronic device or computer

    Difficulty level- Younger students can learn the A section by just speaking th...

  • Song of Peace

    "Song of Peace" teaches two part harmony

    Materials needed-a device to watch the lesson on

    Grade level: upper elementary

  • The Star Spangled Banner

    Students will learn "The Star Spangled Banner" and a vocal warm-up, about our singing voice, and practice proper posture and etiquette.

    Materials needed-electronic device or computer

    All grade levels