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Watch Five Little Monkeys

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Five Little Monkeys

The Elementary Music Teacher Academy – 7m 23s

Up Next in The Elementary Music Teacher Academy

  • Hot Cross Buns and Snail Snail

    "Hot Cross Buns" and "Snail Snail" teach solfege, rhythm counting, and xylophone.

    Materials needed-xylophone or keyboard (if you have one) and electronic device or computer.

    Grade level: Lower elementary sing and movement, upper elementary do the full lesson

  • Knock at the Door

    "Knock at the Door" teaches body percussion, xylophone, and singing.

    Materials Needed-xylophone or other barred instrument and device to watch the video lesson on

    Difficulty Level-For 3rd-5th grade, but modifications can be made for 1st-2nd graders

  • The Bouncy Ball

    "The Bouncy Ball" teaches about mallet technique, barred instrument accompaniment and chords, and steady beat.

    Materials Needed-Xylophone, metallophone, or glockenspiel and a device to watch the lesson on

    Difficulty Level-2nd-3rd grades have a modified part on the lesson plan and 4th-5th gr...