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Watch The Bouncy Ball

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The Bouncy Ball

The Elementary Music Teacher Academy – 10m

Up Next in The Elementary Music Teacher Academy

  • Cup Passing Game

    In the "Cup Passing Game", students will sit in a circle and pass a cup by saying the same rhythm together.

    Materials Needed-plastic cups and device or computer to watch lesson on

    Difficulty Level-3rd-5th grades, but modifications are taught for 1st-2nd grades

  • Body Percussion Warm-up

    This body percussion warm-up uses clapping, patting, stomping, and snapping in ABACA form.
    Materials needed: device to watch video on

    Grade level: upper elementary

  • The Butcher Shop

    "The Butcher Shop" is a speech piece that teaches steady beat, rhythm, body percussion, and drumming

    Materials needed-a device to watch the lesson on, drum or bucket

    Difficulty level-3rd-5th grades, but can be modified for 1st-2nd by practicing steady beat and rhythm one at a time instead ...