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Alabama Gal

The Elementary Music Teacher Academy – 9m 42s

Up Next in The Elementary Music Teacher Academy

  • Bate Bate Chocolate

    Students will learn "Bate Bate Chocolate" in Spanish, then learn the meaning in English. Identify Mexico on a map, count the rhythms of the song, then practice stirring the chocolate and adding motions.

    Materials needed- device to watch the lesson on

    Grade level: Lower elementary

  • Kookaburra

    "Kookaburra" is a round from Australia. Kids will learn the song, add movement, then learn to sing it in a round.

    Materials needed: device to watch lesson on

    Grade level: upper elementary

  • Hoe Ana Te Vaka

    Students will learn the song "Hoe Ana Te Vaka" and add instruments and movement.

    Materials needed- melodic or rhythm instruments

    Grade level- Upper elementary (can modify for lower)