Watch this video and more on The Domestic Musician

Watch this video and more on The Domestic Musician

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Piano Course Level 1 - Lesson 2

Intermediate Bundle – 14m

Up Next in Intermediate Bundle

  • Piano Course Level 1 - Lesson 1

    Piano Course Level 1- Lesson #1. Students will learn about how to sit at the piano , proper form for arms and hands, finger numbers, and the black keys.

    Songs taught: "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Hot Cross Buns"

  • BodyPercussionWarmup

    This Body Percussion warm up uses clapping, patting, stomping, and snapping. Kids will have so much fun learning the rhythms and will put it to the form of ABACA.

    Materials needed: device to watch video on

    Difficulty level: Any age-younger kids may need to only learn A section.

  • PreschoolMovementScarves

    Preschool and lower elementary aged kids will learn how to move their bodies by using scarves. We will move high, low, big, small, and learn about being creative in movement.

    Materials needed-scarves or ribbons and a device to watch the lesson on

    Difficulty level-preschool or lower eleme...