Elementary Rhythm Instruments

Elementary Rhythm Instruments

Videos in this series focus on rhythm instruments. We will use drums and other rhythm instruments to play, layer, and count rhythms.

If you are needing instruments, head to www.thedomesticmusician.com/elementary-music-resources/ and look at the "Classroom Instruments" section for suggestions.

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Elementary Rhythm Instruments
  • I Wish Lesson Plan.pdf

    23.1 KB

    Lesson plan to go along with "I Wish" poem and rhythm instrument video lesson.

  • I-Wish

    "I Wish" is a speech piece (or poem) that students will add drums to. They will play the steady beat, rhythm, and ostinatos together as a class or in parts.

  • Ten Little Bluebirds Lesson Plan.pdf

    22.1 KB

    Lesson plan to go along with the "Ten Little Bluebirds" video lesson.

  • TenLittleBluebirds

    "10 Little Bluebirds" is a song for preschool or lower elementary students. Students will sing and add a xylophone glissando to represent the birds flying away.

    Materials needed- xylophone and device to watch the lessons on

  • TheButcherShopLessonPlan.pdf

    21 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany "The Butcher Shop" video lesson.

  • TheButcherShop

    This is a speech piece that teaches all about steady beat, rhythm, and how to switch back and forth between the two. Students will use a variety of body percussion and then switch to the drum.

    Materials needed-a device to watch the lesson on, drum or bucket

    Difficulty level-3rd-5th grade...

  • PeterPeterIfYou'reAble

    Peter Peter If You're Able is a drumming song that also includes 3 other rhythm instrument parts. Students will learn the drum part, count rhythms, learn the 3 other instrument parts, and then practice playing the different parts one at a time. They will learn ABA form and play the rhythms taugh...

  • PeterPeterIfYoureAbleLessonPlan.pdf

    40.5 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "Peter, Peter If You're Able" video lesson

  • FiveLittlePumpkinsLessonPlan.pdf

    22 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "Five Little Pumpkins" video lesson.

  • MonkeyMonkeyMooLessonPlan.pdf

    21.6 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany "Monkey Moo" video lesson.

  • Monkey Monkey Moo

    "Monkey Monkey Moo" is a song that uses ABA form. In the A section, we will be drumming the rhythm of the song. In the B section, we will be improvising our own rhythms. We will count the rhythms together using ti-ti, ta, and rest.

    Materials needed-a drum, or a bucket, tupperware containe...

  • Five Little Pumpkins

    In this video, students will learn the poem "5 Little Pumpkins." We will clap the rhythm of the poem, then will add 3 other rhythm parts underneath the main rhythm.

    Materials needed-drum (tupperware, bucket), rhythm sticks (wooden/plastic spoons), triangle (metal spoons) and an electronic d...