Elementary Body Percussion and Movement

Elementary Body Percussion and Movement

We will use our bodies to explore different body percussions using clapping, stomping, snapping, and patting to count and create rhythms.

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Elementary Body Percussion and Movement
  • Summer Lesson Plan.pdf

    31 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "Summer" video lesson.

  • Summer

    "Summer" is a body percussion activity to use as a warm up or as a music lesson. It teaches rhythm, steady beat, and how to speak 2 parts at the same time.

    Materials needed- tablet or device to watch lesson on

    Difficulty level- upper or lower elementary (modifications are made)

  • 2-4-6-8 Lesson Plan.pdf

    30.3 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "2-4-6-8" video lesson

  • 2-4-6-8

    "2-4-6-8" is teaches body percussion and rhythm to elementary students.

    Materials Needed- device to watch lessons on

    Difficulty Level- lower elementary and can add to it for upper elementary students

  • CheCheKoleLessonPlan.pdf

    22 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "Che Che Kole" video lesson.

  • CheCheKole

    "Che Che Kole" is an African echo song. Students will learn how the melody moves and follow it with their hands, discuss why it’s important to learn music from other countries, clap the rhythm, echo sing, and make up motions and body percussion.

    Materials Needed-device to watch video on


  • CupPassingGameLessonPlan.pdf

    21.9 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "Cup Passing Game" video.

  • CupPassingGame

    In the "Cup Passing Game", children will sit in a circle and pass a cup by saying the same rhythm together.

    Materials Needed-plastic cups and device or computer to watch lesson on

    Difficulty Level-3rd-5th grades, but modifications are taught for 1st-2nd grades

  • TheButcherShopLessonPlan.pdf

    21 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany "The Butcher Shop" video lesson.

  • TheButcherShop

    This is a speech piece that teaches all about steady beat, rhythm, and how to switch back and forth between the two. Students will use a variety of body percussion and then switch to the drum.

    Materials needed-a device to watch the lesson on, drum or bucket

    Difficulty level-3rd-5th grade...

  • BodyPercussionWarmUpLessonPlan.pdf

    21.1 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the Body Percussion Warm Up video.

  • BodyPercussionWarmup

    This Body Percussion warm up uses clapping, patting, stomping, and snapping. Kids will have so much fun learning the rhythms and will put it to the form of ABACA.

    Materials needed: device to watch video on

    Difficulty level: Any age-younger kids may need to only learn A section.

  • TheHomeworkBattleLessonPlan.pdf

    22.2 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany "The Homework Battle" video lesson.

  • The Homework Battle

    The Homework battle is a rhythm battle between a teacher and students. In this lesson, we will be using body percussion to stomp and clap the words of this speech piece. We will discuss form, dynamics, rhythm, and layer two rhythms together. At the 6:43 part of the video, you will be able to s...