Elementary Barred Instruments

Elementary Barred Instruments

In these lessons, student's will learn mallet technique, how to play an accompaniment and bordun, and explore improvisation.

If you are needing barred instruments, head to www.thedomesticmusician.com/elementary-music-resources/ and look at the "Classroom Instruments" section for suggestions.

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Elementary Barred Instruments
  • Its-Raining-Its-Pouring

    "It's Raining" is a song for lower and upper elementary students. Children will sing, add a xylophone chord accompaniment, and improvise with rhythm sticks.

  • Its Raining Lesson Plan.pdf

    22.3 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "It's Raining, It's Pouring" video lesson.

  • TenLittleBluebirds

    "10 Little Bluebirds" is a song for preschool or lower elementary students. Students will sing and add a xylophone glissando to represent the birds flying away.

    Materials needed- xylophone and device to watch the lessons on

  • Ten Little Bluebirds Lesson Plan.pdf

    22.1 KB

    Lesson plan to go along with the "Ten Little Bluebirds" video lesson.

  • KnockattheDoorLessonPlan.pdf

    22.5 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "Knock at the Door" video lesson.

  • KnockAtTheDoor

    "Knock at the Door" is a song that uses xylophone accompaniment, body percussion, and singing.

    Materials Needed-xylophone or other barred instrument and device to watch the video lesson on

    Difficulty Level-For 3rd-5th grade, but modifications can be made for 1st-2nd graders

  • TheBouncyBallLessonPlan.pdf

    22.7 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany "The Bouncy Ball" video lesson

  • The Bouncy Ball

    "The Bouncy Ball" teaches about mallet technique, barred instrument accompaniment and chords, and steady beat.

    Materials Needed-Xylophone, metallophone, or glockenspiel and a device to watch the lesson on

    Difficulty Level-2nd-3rd grades have a modified part on the lesson plan and 4th-5th gr...

  • HotCrossBunsSnailSnailLessonPlan.pdf

    22.5 KB

    Lesson plan to accompany the "Hot Cross Buns" video lesson.

  • Hot Cross Buns

    In this lesson, we will be learning "Hot Cross Buns" and "Snail Snail". We will be practicing our singing voice using solfege, will use correct posture, will count the rhythms in the songs, and will add xylophone accompaniment underneath.

    Materials needed-xylophone or keyboard (if you have ...